Relish your favorite Tequila and Mexican Beer at Union Mesa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina at Thackerville, OK.

Happy Hour Info

Mon – Thu: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
$4 Michelob Ultra
$5 Modelo Especial & Negro Modelo
$ 1 Make it Sloppy
$6 Casa Margarita
$6 Union Margarita

Try Tequila Old Fashioned, a south of the border twist on the classic drink at Union Mesa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina.
Union Mesa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, located at Winstar, Thackerville gives you the best experience in authentic Mexican drinks. For cocktails, we serve tequila old fashion, ranch water, casa margarita, union marg, sangin’, el remolino, and beerita. For cervezas, we have coop f5 ipa, estrella jalisco, negro modello, michelob ultra, michelada, and make it sloppy. We also serve angeline cabernet, angeline chardonnay, and vietti moscato as wines by the glass. Our happy hour drinks are michelob ultra, estrella jalisco, negro modelo, casa margarita, union margarita, and make it sloppy, which we serve every monday to thursday from 4 pm to 6 pm. for tequilas, we have blancos -  1800 silver, cabal blanco, casamigos blanco, clase azul plata, don julio blanco, gran centenario plata blanco, herradura silver, jose cuervo tradicional silver, maestro dobel silver, patron silver, reserva de la familia platino, reserva  de la familia platino, teremana blanco, tres agaves blanco, reposados - 1800 reposado 100% de agave, anteel reposado, cabal reposado, casamigos reposado, case azul reposado, gran centenario reposado, gran coramino cristalino reposado, herradura reposado, maestro dobel diamante reposado, reserva de la familia reposado, tres agaves reposado, anejos - 1800 anejo, avion “reserva 44 extra” anejo, avion cristalino reserva extra anejo, cabal anejo, clase azul anejo, don julio anejo “1942”, gran centenario “leyenda” extra anejo, gran coramino anejo, herradura anejo, jose cuervo tradicional anejo, jose cuervo reserva de la familia extra anejo, maestro dobel cristalino 50 extra anejo, olmeca altos anejo, tres agaves anejo, and we have vago espadin off the top shelf. In our straight tequila night section, you can sample a flight of three different selections - la familia flight - jose cuervo “reserva de la familia” - platino, reposado, extra anejo ; gran centenario flight - plata blanco, reposado, “leyanda” extra anejo ; cristilano flight - gran coramino cristilano reposado, maestro dobel cristilano 50 extra anejo, penta diamante cristalino reposato.
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